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• Launching Excel

• Microsoft Excel Startup Screen

• Introduction to The Excel Interface 

• Customizing the Excel Quick Access Toolbar

• More on the Excel Interface

• Understanding the Structure of an Excel Workbook

• Saving an Excel Document

• Opening an Existing Excel Document

• Common Excel Shortcut Keys

• Entering Text to Create Spreadsheet Titles

• Working with Numeric Data in Excel

• Entering Date Values in Excel

• Working with Cell References

• Creating Basic Formulas in Excel

• Relative Versus Absolute Cell References in Formulas

• Understanding the Order of Operation (DOWNLOAD EXERCISE FILE)

• The structure of an excel function 

• Working with the SUM() Function

• Working with the MIN() and MAX() Functions

• Working with the AVERAGE() Function

• Working with the COUNT() Function

• Adjacent Cells Error in Excel Calculations

• Using the AutoSum Command

• Excel’s AutoSum Shortcut Key

• Using the AutoFill Command to Copy Formulas

• Moving and Copying Data in an Excel Worksheet

• Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

• Changing the Width and Height of Cells

• Hiding and Unhiding Excel Rows and Columns

• Renaming an Excel Worksheet

• Deleting an Excel Worksheet

• Moving and Copying an Excel Worksheet

• Working with Font Formatting Commands

• Changing the Background Color of a Cell

• Adding Borders to Cells

• Excel Cell Borders Continued

• Formatting Data as Currency Values

• Formatting Percentages

• Using Excel’s Format Painter

• Creating Styles to Format Data

• Merging and Centering Cells

• Using Conditional Formatting

• Editing Excel Conditional Formatting

• Inserting Images

• Inserting Excel Shapes

• Formatting Excel Shapes

• Working with Excel SmartArt

• Creating an Excel Column Chart

• Working with the Excel Chart Ribbon

• Adding and Modifying Data on an Excel Chart

• Formatting an Excel Chart

• Moving a Chart to another Worksheet

• Working with Excel Pie Charts

• Viewing your Document in Print Preview

• Changing the Margins, Scaling and Orientation

• Excel Worksheet Margins

• Working with Page Layout View

• Adding Header and Footer Content

• Printing a Specific Range of Cells

• Intro to Excel Templates 

• Opening an Existing Template

• Creating a Custom Template

Excel 101 – Practice What You’ve Learned (DOWNLOAD)

• Excel 102 Course Exercise Files — DOWNLOAD

• Understanding Excel List Structure 

• Sorting a List Using Single Level Sort

• Sorting a List Using Multi-Level Sorts

• Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List

• Filter an Excel List Using the AutoFilter Tool

• Creating Subtotals in a List

• Format a List as a Table

• Using Conditional Formatting to Find Duplicates

• Removing Duplicates

• Introduction to Excels Function: DSUM()

• Excel DSUM Function Single Criteria Continued

• Excel DSUM Function with OR Criteria

• Excel DSUM Function with AND Criteria

• Excel Function: DAVERAGE()

• Excel Function: DCOUNT()

• Excel Function: SUBTOTAL()

• Understanding The Need For Excel Data Validation 

• Creating an Excel Data Validation List

• Excel Decimal Data Validation

• Adding a Custom Excel Data Validation Error

• Dynamic Formulas by Using Excel Data Validation Techniques

• Importing Data Into Microsoft Excel

• Importing Data from Text Files

• Importing Data from Microsoft Access

• NEW VERSION — Import Data From Text Files into Excel

• NEW VERSION — Import Data From a Database into Excel

Microsoft Excel Legacy Import Options for New Excel Versions

• Exporting Data to a Text File

• Understanding Excel PivotTables 

• Creating an Excel PivotTable

• Modifying Excel PivotTable Calculations

• Grouping PivotTable Data

• Formatting PivotTable Data

• Modifying PivotTable Calculations

• Drilling Down into PivotTable Data

• Creating PivotCharts

• Filtering PivotTable Data

• Filtering with the Slicer Tool

• Introduction to Excel Power Pivot

• Why PowerPivot?

• Activating the Excel PowerPivot AddIn

• Creating Data Models with PowerPivot

• Excel Power Pivot Data Model Relationships

• Creating PivotTables based on Data Models

• Excel Power Pivot KPIs

• Using the Freeze Panes Tool

• Grouping Data (Columns and/or Rows)

• Print Options for Large Sets of Data

• Linking Worksheets (3D Formulas)

• Consolidating Data from Multiple Worksheets

• Excel 102 – Practice What You’ve Learned (DOWNLOAD)

• Excel 103 Course Exercise Files — DOWNLOAD

• Working with Excel Name Ranges

• Advantages and Disadvantages of Excel Name Ranges

• Editing an Excel Name Range

• Using Excel’s IF() Function

• Excel’s IF() Function with a Name Range

• Nesting Functions with Excel

• Nesting Excels AND() Function within the IF() Function

• Using Excel’s COUNTIF() Function

• Using Excel’s SUMIF() Function

• Using Excel’s IFERROR() Function

• Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP() Function

• Microsoft Excel HLOOKUP() Function

• Microsoft Excel INDEX() Function

• Microsoft Excel MATCH() Function

• Microsoft Excel INDEX() and MATCH() Function Combined

• Microsoft Excel INDEX() and MATCH() Function Combined Continued

• Creating a Dynamic HLOOKUP() with the MATCH() Function

• Using Excel’s LEFT(), RIGHT() and MID() Functions

• Using Excel’s LEN() Function

• Using Excel’s SEARCH() Function

• Using Excel’s CONCATENATE() Function

• Tracing Precedents in Excel Formulas

• Tracing Dependents in Excel Formulas

• Working with the Watch Window

• Showing Formulas

• Protecting Specific Cells in a Worksheet

• Protecting the Structure of a Workbook

• Adding a Workbook Password

• Working with Excel’s Goal Seek Tool

• Working with Excel’s Solver Tool

• Building Effective Data Tables in Excel

• Creating Scenarios in Excel

• Understanding Excel Macros

• Activating the Developer Tab in Excel

• Creating a Macro with the Macro Recorder

• Editing a Macro with VBA

• Creating Buttons to Run Macros

• Excel 103 – Practice What You’ve Learned (DOWNLOAD)

• Congratulations on Completing the Microsoft Excel 103

• Welcome to the Course 

• Understanding the Why and How Behind Excel Macros

• Introduction to Project #1: Inserting and Formatting Text 

• Activating the Excel Developer Tab

• Project #1: Start Recording!

• Running a Microsoft Excel Macro

• Project #1: Running an Excel Macro with a Button

• BONUS – Create a Custom Button Using Excel Shapes

• Adding the Excel Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar

• Project #1: Editing the VBA Recorded by the Macro Recorder

• Save a Workbook with a Macro/VBA Code

• Practical Uses of Excel Macros

• Intro to Excel VBA Concepts

• Intro to Excel VBA Object Oriented Programming Concepts

• Intro to Excel VBA Exercise Files (DOWNLOAD)

• The Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

• Introduction to the Excel VBA Immediate Window

• Excel VBA Modules

• Creating an Excel VBA Procedure

• Adding Code to a VBA Procedure

• Including Excel VBA Comments

• Excel VBA MSGBOX Function

• Excel VBA MsgBox Microsoft Help Information

• Understanding and Working with Excel VBA Variables

• REMINDER: Saving an Excel Workbook with VBA Code

• Working with Excel VBA Logic Exercise Files (DOWNLOAD)

• Building Logic with an Excel VBA IF Statement

• Including an Else Statement in the VBA IF Statement

• Expanding the IF Logic with Multiple ElseIf Statements

• Working with Excel VBA Select Case Statements

• Working with an Excel VBA Do While Loop

• Excel VBA Do While Loop Dynamic Condition

• Working with an Excel VBA For Each Loop

• Working with an Excel VBA For Next Loop

• Introduction to Project #2: Interacting with the User

• Beyond the Basics Sort Project Exercise Files (DOWNLOAD)

• Project #2: Introduction to the Excel VBA Range.Sort Method

• Creating the Excel VBA Sort Procedures for this Project

• Project #2: Prompting the User for Information

• Continue Excel VBA InputBox

• Project #2: Building Logic into Your Macros

• Project #2: Alerting the User of Errors

• Using Excel VBA Error Control Statements

• Create a Button to Run the Sort Procedure and Save

• Introduction to Project #3: Cleaning Up and Formatting Data

• Project #3: Exercise Files (DOWNLOAD)

• Project #3: Preparing to the Use the Macro Recorder

• Project #3: Inserting the Headers

• Project #3: Formatting the Headers

• Project #3: Testing the Macros

• Project #3: Using an Excel VBA Loop to Loop through all Worksheets

• Project #3: Testing the Excel VBA Loop

• Project #3: Adding Logic to an Excel VBA Loop

• Introduction to Project #4: Automate Excel Formulas

• Project #4: Automate Sum Function Exercise Files (DOWNLOAD)

• Project #4: Start the Procedure to Automate the SUM Function

• Working with the Range Address Property

• Creating the SUM Function in VBA

• Run the Excel VBA Procedure to SUM Records

• Project #4: Loop the SUM() Function Over Multiple Worksheets

• Introduction to Project #5: Creating the Final Report

• Project #5: Final Report Loop Exercise Files (DOWNLOAD)

• Project #5: Creating the Final Report Excel VBA Loop

• Project #5 – Copying Content with Excel VBA

• Project #5 – Pasting Content with Excel VBA

• Cleaning Up the Final Report VBA Loop Code

• Adding Logic to Stop the Loop from Running Multiple Times on a Worksheet

• Project #5 – Running the Final Report Procedure

• Introduction to Project #6: Working with Excel VBA User Forms

• Project #6: Working with Excel VBA User Forms Exercise Files (DOWNLOAD)

• Project #6: Creating an Excel User Form

• Project #6: Working with Form and Control Properties

• Project #6: Formatting Excel VBA User Form Controls

• Project #6: Adding VBA Code to the Initialize Event

• Project #6: Using the AddItem Method within a Loop

• Project #6: Adding VBA Code to the ComboBox Change Event

• Project #6: Adding VBA Code to the Add Worksheet Button

• Project #6: Change Worksheet Name

• Project #6: Catch Errors When Adding a Worksheet

• Add Sheet Procedure Catch Errors

• Project #6: Additional Conditions on the Loop

• Project #6: Running the Final Report Procedure

• Project #6: Showing the VBA User Form On Workbook Open

• Project #7: Opening a Text File For Import

• Project #7: Opening a Text File for Import

• Project #7: Get Data from Text File

• Project #7: Importing Multiple Text Files with the GetOpenFilename Method

• Project #7: Creating a Loop to Read Each File

• Project #7: Adding a New Sheet for Imported Data

• Project #7: Clear the Clipboard

• Project #7: Working with the ScreenUpdating Property

• Project #7: Creating Reusable Code with a VBA Function

• Congratulations! You’re an Excel Macro/VBA Master

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